Personal Prayer

This is my personal prayer to the Lord everyday when I get up in the morning.

Good Morning Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit and Mother Mary

Thank you for looking after us well yesterday and in our sleep as well and for giving us this day.  I begin this day in your presence with your word and blessings. Please keep us well.

Please be with my father, mother, sister, her daughter, my son, my husband, my in laws, with all those whom I know and all whom I don’t know, with all those who are suffering and all the departed souls, (mention the names of any specific person the Lord puts in your heart to pray for) and me.  Let your will be done in our lives my Lord and not the will of the evil one.  Thank you Lord Jesus for all what you have done, for what you are doing and for what you are going to do in my life.

Then I pray the prayer of our Lord-

* Our Father in Heaven

* O Holy Blood and Water

* O Eternal Father I offer you body and blood

* Hail Mary

I finish by saying to the Lord ” I believe my prayers will be answered because I believe to whom I am praying to – his name is JESUS!”


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